Death,Where is Thy Sting?

26 11 2009

In January and February2008,was very trying time for me and my family.My mother passed away in January and my father exactly one month later.It was very hard to deal with the loss of not seeing them.Mother was at home and was just declining as days went by.It was painful to see i was losing my mother fast.But,I knew it was more to it that what i actually saw.Mom was not far from reaching her destination to be with her Jesus.When this conclusion came to heart it was refreshing and encouragement filled my heart and soul with joy knowing she is going to see Jesus and not suffer any more.Jesus was using Mother to strengthen me and that ”Peace that Surpasses all Understanding” helped.Mother went on to be with the Lord and we were happy for her that she is happy now with no pain nor tears.Dad was told he had cancer and went and did all the treatments.He still seemed strong to me and he even took all long time to show outwardly that he was a cancer patient.Dad played guitar at church and at loved to play with his friends at bluegrass festivals.Well as time went on dad kept going to his treatments.He liked to stop to see me at work and say Son, i love you i hate to leave you but i really want to see Jesus.From that time on i knew it was going to be soon and that peace that surpasses all understanding i got when mom passed was filling my heart.I knew i was going to lose Dad soon.But i knew He was going to see Jesus soon and i knew he was going to be cancer free for sure in heaven and all the pain and tears will be wiped away.Later dad got worse and he was at the hospice by uwf.A little over a week and dad took his flight to be with the Lord.A special thanks to all the staff at Hospice by uwf for their very special love to dad and to us his family.Dad ”Didnot”lose his battle with cancer.He got cured in Heaven and so did mom.So i end this with ..Death,where is thy sting,Oh Grave, where is thy victory.Through Christ we all can make death a defeated enemy.




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