Happy Thanksgiving

26 11 2009

Yes it’s Thanksgiving,Have you been caught up in Christmas season getting moved up.Slow down!It’s time to give Thanks for our families and the many Blessings we take for granted.Let’s take time to reflect on how Blessed we are as a nation,our freedoms,our families,and many more.I’m thankful to God for His Love,Mercy,Grace.Despite all the storms that have come my way,I thank God for being with me the whole way.God sent His Jesus to die for me on the Cross and upon accepting that Precious Love.I recieved my Best Friend Jesus,Who is so loving and full of mercy and grace.I thank the Lord for His Peace that Surpasses all Understanding that gives me strength to keep on in times of trial and tribulation.Jesus takes my hand leads me to path according to His Perfect Will.I thank the Lord for being my Great Provider.Without the Lord’s Hand i would not survive.He has blessed us with food and shelter and has met my needs when i didn’t know where it was coming from.Thank You Lord Jesus for all the mighty Blessings You have Provided.




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