Jesus Loves the Whosoever

26 11 2009

Jesus came into my life when i was very young.Yes, i was raised in church.I grew up and went into the world and found i wasn’t accepted.I did many things to find love and acceptance.I found the “i love you if’s”.The conditional love is not love at all.Jesus was with me when i was trying it my way.I turned my back and He was there with arms wide opened.Despite my path was wrong,He did not leave me.He waited on me to just turn around.In my heart i could hear Him say I love you no matter what.I asked Him to forgive me and to help me.Jesus died for me before i ever was and He knew me.Despite all the bad in me,when others would have gone away,He accepted me.He will do the same for you.No matter your past,He has already died for you and has a great plan for your life.Jesus will come into your life and be your personal friend and you will find He will be your best friend.You can talk to Jesus about anything.I’m a Whosoever.




One response

22 12 2009

I’m a whosoever, too. I’m so in awe of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. For years I had been wooed to come to Him but I had turned my back on Him and felt I was no longer in His site of grace and mercy. Thankfully, I was wrong in that thought! Many out there think they’ve done so bad that they are not worthy of God’s notice. No one is unredeemable, though.

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