Hickory Hammock Baptist Church Milton,Florida

28 11 2009

I’m so excited about the love for Jesus and the many ministries they do for the Lord Jesus.My Father attended there before he went to be with the Lord.I was so touched to see Pastor Carl Gallups and Pastor Greg Robards as well as Bro Tony Llorns as they came by to see my Dad and how the Love of the Lord used these men to make a difference in Dad’s Life as well as my wonderful step mother that God gave to Dad.My Father’s faith was so strong during his battle with cancer,He used to come by my job and say Son i love you and i’ll miss you but i want to go home to Jesus.Some may say my dad lost his battle with cancer.No way!! He has a new body and is in Heaven with JESUS.The Love of Jesus is what outshined the sadness.My Life was turned around when i saw Bro Carl,Bro Greg,and Bro Tony how they let the Lord work in their lives so other could see Jesus.This is what i needed as well.I didn’t need a finger in my face i needed to be loved.The Unconditional Love of Jesus is the best and most powerful way to reach the lost and hurting.The World’s I love you if’s is conditional and is cold.To Think that Jesus knew us before we ever came to be and yet loved us so much He died for us.He paid our debts in full.In all our ugliness,He loved us.He took all of our shame,Yet He loved us still.That Unconditional Love is AWESOME.JESUS truly SAVES




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27 12 2009

Hi. I would like to say thanks to all of you at hickory hammock baptist church for spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and truth of the word of God that is the Holy Bible. And in doing that fullfilling prophecy. I live in Ventura California and am wishing we had a church over here that preaches the

27 12 2009

thanks Pete God Bless You and Family

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