No Doubt

29 11 2009

As you have read on my blog,You have seen references to “Unconditional Love”.Jesus does loves us unconditionally that even though while we were yet sinners,He died for us.But to really experience the true meaning of love of Jesus is to recognize that you were born a sinner.Sin is a disease we all are born with.The results of sin separates us from the hope of spending Eternity with Jesus in Heaven.Those who die with the sin disease will end up in hell and be tormented for eternity.The proof of Unconditional Love of Jesus comes into play that He Loves us and doesn’t want anyone or the whosoever to suffer that horrible fate of hell.Jesus came to pay for the penalty of sin.Jesus loves us that die in our place.He was bruised for our transgressions,He suffered and was nailed to a Cross to free us from the penalty of sin.We must repent and ask Jesus to forgive us and come into our heart and lives.Wow,once you accept Jesus as Your Savior,You will be with Him in Heaven and until He calls you Home,Jesus will be your best friend and change your life with peace and love.When the most active storms of life come your way,Jesus will be there with you to give you strength to get through the tough times.I like this part because you really experience Unconditional Love at it’s best and very powerful.You will have the Peace that Surpasses all understanding.No Doubt,Jesus Loves you Unconditionally.No Doubt Jesus loves the Whosoever.




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