Peace that Surpasses Understanding

30 11 2009

We all experience storms in life.Some seem like just a light rain.Some will experience storms like a hurricane.I’m thankful i have Jesus to turn to when storms come to me.I’d hate to think i was on my own trying to survive on my own strength.I sure i’d be with out hope and without hope many have fallen prey.They did have hope.Maybe they decided i don’t need anyone.With the storms i’ve faced lately,I knew i had to draw strength from someone and that was Jesus.Jesus has authority over powers and principalities,what better to have Jesus in your corner to help.When we have Jesus we have the Prince of Peace to surround us with His Love and Grace to get us through trials and tribulations.We have His peace that surpasses all understanding.Jesus at the appointed time will say”Peace be still”.We should embrace when trials and storms come our way because we can be reminded that He is with us and when the sun shines after the storm,we can come out stronger than before.So the Peace that surpasses all understanding will never fade away.Just take Jesus and He is always faithful our hearts can trust.




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27 03 2011
Thomas Guidy

I love it! Amen!

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