Yes,You are Worthy

30 11 2009

We live in a world that can make us feel unloved and unworthy.This world we live in has conditions for us to live by or else we are not accepted.We can go through life getting kicked around and sent down the road.This abuse is the work of satan to destroy us deep inside.This abuse has led to much suffering,low self-esteem and even suicide.Let me say this,You are Loved,You are Accepted,You are Worthy.I remember the old shirt that said”I’m not junk,because God doesn’t make junk”.God created us and He loves us.We are God’s most precious creation.Sin came into this world and it’s the source of this unworthiness this world has.The answer to living in acceptance and worthiness in found in Jesus.Jesus knew us all from the beginning.Jesus knew all our faults and flaws.Jesus accepts us because we are God’s creation and we are precious to Him.For God so Loved the world,He gave His only begotten Son,that Whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.You See?God so Loves us.We were worthy enough for Jesus to die for us and to pay our debt of sin.Sin separated us from God so we could not know our worthiness He feels for us.Now to enjoy this worthiness to the fullest,Jesus wants to you accept Him and  accept His invitation to be with Him in Heaven.Just ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and tell Him you accept Him as your Savior.Jesus will be your best friend who accepts you as you are and will love you unconditionally.He will not leave you on your own.He will be with you on this earth loving you and leading you through the storms we face in life.One day,Jesus will take us to Heaven and there He will wipe away all our tears and we will live forever with Him.




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