Jesus is the Key

2 12 2009

As a Christian,Jesus is the key to everything in my life.I have problems in life and i don’t have it all figured out but,it has made such a difference to have Jesus in it.Before i came to Christ i was depending on myself and wow did i mess it all up.I was just digging a bigger hole and then would have in ended up in eternal hell.Now my life has a firm  foundation that is strong and will not fall.Now i have a best friend in my life who is so loving and patient with me  and has my life under control.Jesus is called the Author and Finisher and  now i have the confidence that my future is secure in Him.Yes,Jesus is the Key and so much more.I don’t have lots of money but i have something priceless. I have Jesus.I have Life abundantly in my Heart.I have eternal Life with Jesus.Share this Blessing with me and ask Jesus to come into your heart.Did you know Jesus knew you before you were even born?Did you know Jesus Loved you then and He loves you so much that He died for you?When You were born you were born with sin and Jesus knew this and He still loved you anyways Jesus still went to the Cross to  to cure you from sin’s penalty which is eternal hell.Ask Jesus to come into your heart and then Life really begins.Jesus will not  make all your problems disappear but He will be with you forever being Your firm foundation.Jesus is the Key to true Life.




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