Life After Abuse

3 12 2009

We face some sorts of abuse in life in many forms.Some can be so deep it can affect our lives for a lifetime.Many are counseled and some may recover to a degree.I found in all deep wounds that is scares of abuse that can affect our spirit.Jesus can make such a difference when we have wounds deep within us.Jesus has such a deep love that can heal many broken spirits.Jesus had deep wounds because He had such a burden for us He took our sins but He also took our wounds to the cross.Jesus takes our burdens and many concerns  upon Himself.Jesus died on that cross and He also rose from the dead to defeat our sins and our cares.Jesus is so wonderful to know.He understands us better than we understand ourselves and also those who think they understand us.Life After Abuse….Jesus gives us true Life After Abuse.The Love of Jesus is so strong that can heal or give us the strength to really Live.Live to have purpose.An Abundant Life.If you have had abuse,I ask you to lean on Jesus.Jesus will show you His Love when we chose to Recieve it.Jesus love has no price,it’s free,just waiting on us to take it.Jesus will strengthen you as you go through life.Put Your trust in Jesus and Live Now and Later Live with Him in Heaven.




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