Religion vs Jesus

4 12 2009

Religion has always been philosophy  to me.Some study religion and get so deep in it.Religion can be good,to me it depends on how it used.When i think about religion i just think about many people  study on why we are here or if this or that really happened.At times,it seems religion just seems to fall under people studying it as just a form of history.Another word comes to mind religious.When the term religious,i think about the religious leaders that Jesus confronted in the Temple.These religious leaders always had questions to Jesus about religious traditions,it kinda looked like all the questions they had asked seemed to tell exactly where their hearts were at,or the motives of their heart so to speak.They was missing something very important,Jesus.When i was saved,received Christ as my Savior,Jesus came inside of me and i was born again.Jesus is sometimes referred as”Personal Savior”.The term is used so much but have we taken the meaning for granted.Having Jesus is not being religious.Religious is cold to me.To have a”Personal Savior” Jesus is real,Jesus is like the heartbeat inside me.Jesus comes in my heart and a flow of Love floods my heart and my soul and mind.Be religious only feeds the flesh,Jesus feeds the spirit of those who accept Him as a Personal Savior.Jesus is so Amazing Awesome and very real.




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