From the Beginning He Loved Us

7 12 2009

From the beginning,Jesus Loved us.How awesome to know that before we even were born,Jesus loved us.Jesus knew everything about us and yet  still He loves us.How could He love me? you may ask.We are God’s creation,we are precious to Him.You may feel you don’t deserve such love.This is what makes His love so special.Jesus wants us to accept His Love and let Him be our best friend.It’s such a blessing to have Jesus in my life and know that He is with me no matter what may come my way in life.Jesus has taken over my heart and He rules over it to keep me happy and a peace that surpasses all understanding.No other will ever match what Jesus means to me.He is my personal savior.No longer does my heart have to search for true love in conditional world.In Christ,I have unconditional Love.Circumstances nor conditions in my life will not  change the  love of Jesus for me.Jesus’s love is just and faithful and will never come back void like the world’s love.I invite You to ask Jesus in Your heart and you too can feel His Love as i do.Come as You are to Jesus,He has already showed His Love by dying at Calvary and paying for our debts in full.Jesus rose from the dead so we could live to have everlasting friendship on earth til He takes us to Heaven to be with Him forever and ever more.




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