He Loves You

9 12 2009

The Love of Jesus is so Awesome.It’s so impossible to measure such great Love that Jesus has for us all.Jesus knows us all so well and also knows how to Love us all in the way each of needs it.Some may need to the Love of Forgiveness.Jesus is Faithful to forgive us,when we ask Him to.Jesus is so merciful and longsuffering towards us.It’s so Amazing.Jesus is graceful to us.Jesus Loves you,it’s not just words.When you accept Jesus in your heart.He forgives you and takes away your old life and makes it new.It’s most beautiful,love flowing through your heart and soul.Life brings us many disappointments,Jesus Loves you no matter what your going through.Circumstances we go through doesn’t change His Love for us.The Love of Jesus goes deeper than any other kind of love.No one can match the Love of Jesus.The Love Jesus has no conditions,it doesn’t matter what you look like.To the world,it does matter what you look like.The world has conditional love and will never even come close or compare to the unconditional Love of Jesus.If you don’t have Jesus in your life,you can experience real love.Jesus Loved You before you ever came to be known.You and I were born with sin,when we came into this world.Jesus came to die for our sins,He Loves You so much He died for you.Jesus wants you to be with Him in Heaven to be with Him forever.Accept Jesus,Ask Him to forgive you and He will come into Your Life and be no other friend you’ve ever will have.Jesus will be with you in your life leading you through all the storms and one day He will call you Home to Heaven to be with Him.Trust Jesus and Accept Him as your Savior.Jesus has already accepted You as You are.Jesus is waiting with opens arms to change your life forever. It will be the best choice you’ll ever make.Accept Jesus and truly Live.




One response

28 07 2016
Ajay Babu

Thanks very much Brother/Sister in our Eternal Father our LORD the Most High Jesus Christ.May our LORD help you and bless you all the work you do for Him and for His glory.He honours you and glorify you.Blessed be the name of our LORD God Almighty!. The LORD God is One forever and evermore.Amen.

May the Grace of our LORD Jesus Christ our Father be with your spirit and deeds.Amen.

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