Sister’s Journey Home

10 12 2009

November 23rd,2009,My oldest sister went to be with Jesus.My sister’s life was full of battles as we all face.During her time in the hospital, she had a sweet spirit that seemed a little different,it wasn’t the same person who usually would have asked why and been angry about her condition.She always gave humble soft spoken answers when asked if she was in pain,she would answer, no honey.I believe the Lord Jesus was in this from the start preparing her for her journey home to Heaven.A few days later,after all the tests,the doctors told us she had mass on the brain with a class called “mass effect” and she also had cancer all through her lungs,kidney and liver.Covenant Hospice was called in to take over care for sis.Sis was terminally ill and her time with us was ticking away.Joyce Goldenberg Hospice impatient care was going to be in charge of keeping sis comfortable and prepare her for her Journey Home to Jesus.The picture came to my mind,a picture of Angels taking care of sis suffering,comforting her and preparing her to see Jesus.The peace that surpasses all understanding came to me and gave me the strength i needed to get through this.Associate Pastor Greg Robards of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church of Milton,Fl. came by to talk and pray with sis to be sure sis was ready to see Jesus.I give Jesus all the Glory for answering prayer for sis to be ready when her time came and now i can celebrate that sis is with Jesus and she is in Peaceful arms of Jesus.




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