Jesus Loves the Whosoever Lost

14 12 2009

We spend our lives looking for ourselves.We search for our place in this world.We question our purpose in life.God created us individually and unique.However,we were all born with sin.We feel ”Lost” so to speak in our directions in life.We were born lost with out God’s direction and this means we are lost to the truth of life.Without the truth of life we’d all be lost in eternal hell.The truth of life is Jesus.Jesus is God in the flesh.Jesus came to Save the Lost.Jesus came to give our lives fullness, to fill the void we feel so deep inside.I was lost,but,now i’m found.With Jesus,the lost are no longer lost.Jesus gives us life more abundantly.Jesus is the light unto our path in our lives.Jesus is the Lighthouse of life,Without that Lighthouse where would this ship be.Jesus died for the lost like you and me.Jesus Loves the Whosoever lost.Jesus knew us from the beginning and yet died for us so we would we found,brought back to fellowship with God.Jesus defeated sin,death,and hell.Yes,Jesus loved us that much.Accept Jesus in your heart, and you will be no longer lost.Your life will found.You will live as it was meant to be.You will be with Jesus never to be lost again.




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27 12 2009

Hello all

Jesus is a verry important part of my life to and even though I have had some struggles in the past I have never lost my faith and I never will.

I have so many blessings in my life, my beautiful Wife, 4 Wonderful kids,and I have a grandaughter that was born on nov 27 (Thankgiving last year) and the rest of my wonderful Family.

So what I would like to say my friends is this: Whatever obsticles you face in life , please don’t comprimise your faith in Jesus, for He died for each and everyone of you to save you from sin.

So lets look forward to the New Year comming in 2010! I have a video on my page of an awesome New Years fireworks display. Just click on my name to go to the page to view them. Enjoy..

Peace and God Bless all of you.

27 12 2009

God Bless You and Family Have more Jesus filled new Year

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