Jesus Loves the Whosoever Hurting

15 12 2009

We all suffer pain inside our hearts.We can hurt in our spirit.We walk around with a wounded heart.We suffer yet we can trust in Jesus to be comfort no matter or how deep our hurt is.In Jesus,there is hope in healing of our wounded heart.Jesus feels our pain with us and comforts us through our hurts.Jesus knew from the beginning all that we would suffer.Years ago,Wayne Watson wrote a very anointed song that touches me in a special way,”Friend of a Wounded Heart” even today it helps to hear those words.

Smile–Make ’em think you’re happy
Lie–And say that things are fine
And hide that empty longing that you feel
Don’t ever show it
Just keep your heart concealed

Why~ are the days so lonely
Where can a heart go free
And who will dry the tears that no one’s seen
There must be someone
To share your silent dreams

Caught like a leaf in the wind
Lookin’ for a friend–Where can you turn
Whisper the words of a
prayer–And you’ll find Him there
Arms open wide–Love in His eyes

Jesus–He meets you where you are

Jesus–He heals you secret scars

All the love you’re longing for is

Jesus~the Friend of a Wounded Heart

Jesus wants to comfort you.Accept Jesus as your Savior.Jesus is the Prince of Peace!!




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