Everlasting Love,Everlasting Life

18 12 2009

Jesus’s Love is everlasting and Jesus gives us everlasting life.The Love of Jesus is awesome in many ways.His love forgives us our trespasses.His love was giving his life for us at Calvary.His love conquered sin and reconciled us to God.His love for us rose Him from the dead to give us victory.His Love sustains us in the hard times.His Love is faithful and is everlasting.We can have everlasting Life with Jesus.Jesus died for our sins and upon accepting Him as Savior,You will having everlasting life in Heaven with Jesus.Jesus will wipe away all the tears and we shall be with Him forevermore.Peace will exist as it was meant to be.We will live where we tried to find on earth before we came to Christ.Jesus is the answer to all things we search for in this Life.Jesus is our lil piece of heaven on earth until the day we are called home to be with Him in Heaven.In Heaven,we will see Jesus High and Lifted Up and giving praises to His Name.An Everlasting Love,An Everlasting Life through Christ Jesus is the only Life of all.Without Jesus there is no life.Accept Jesus today and let Him show you Life.




2 responses

27 12 2009

good your blog

27 12 2009

thank you shelby God Bless You

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