God’s Greatest Christmas Gift

19 12 2009

Yes,if you guessed Jesus.No greater gift to mankind ever.Jesus is the best gift of all to receive.Jesus would grow up to teach of God’s love to all.Jesus said I and the Father are one.Yes,Jesus was God in the Flesh.Jesus healed all kinds of hurts,physically and spiritually. Sin had run rapid on the earth and Jesus was brought here to earth to die for all mankind.Jesus would die on the cross to pay for our sin debt.Jesus said the wages of sin is death.Jesus came to bring life.Jesus Loved us so much while we were yet sinners,Jesus died for us and defeated the wages of sin.Yes,our body will die but not our soul.Jesus wants us to accept His Free Gift-Himself.Accepting Jesus is the most wonderful and fulfilling gift any could receive.Jesus will accept you into His Kingdom to live with Him forever and ever.Christmas is not Christmas with Christ.Regular Christmas gifts fade away while the Love of Jesus will last Forever.Jesus will always love us and nothing can separate us from His love.Sin can separate us from fellowship with Jesus but He still loves us,another words Jesus hates sin,but He loves us.So Jesus loved us so much that he died for us,when we accept Jesus,we are not under the wages of sin any longer and can have Jesus in His fullness.Open the Present God gave to us,His only begotten Son and accept Him in Your heart.Everyday will be like Christmas as it was meant to be.No true CHRISTmas without Jesus.




One response

25 12 2009

Hello! Merry Christmas!
I did put up a post on my site with your work in it. There is a little bit of a note to you there, also. I accidently deleted your email to me so I couldn’t email this note back to you. Please delete this message, friend. Thank you for everything. God bless you always.


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