Jesus Loves the Less-loved

26 12 2009

Feeling less-loved,We all can experience this in our lives.With Christ we should know we are fully-loved.Jesus has the love that surpasses all other kinds we see by the world standards.For people who have not accepted Jesus as Savior,you are loved very much by Jesus,so much that even as you are now,separated by sin from His true love,Jesus still loves you so much He died for you,to take your sins upon Himself.Jesus paid your debt in full.Accept Jesus and you’ll know exactly what i’m saying.At times,we all feel because of our circumstances that we are less-loved.The World we live in is very judgmental toward us.Guilt can make us feel less-loved.Jesus took our guilty soul and cleansed it on Calvary.Jesus walked in our shoes.If you are a Child of God through Christ Jesus,you can also feel less-loved at times.Jesus loves us no matter what fully.You are still His Child,Nothing can separate us from His Love,No Power or Principalities will ever come between us and the Lord,it’s His promise.Pray to Jesus and tell Him what is on your mind,He is there at all times to comfort our fears in every situation.Jesus fully-loves us.Accepting Jesus cleans us from sin and feeling less-loved.Jesus fully loves us that we will be with Him in Heaven for ever.Jesus Loves the Less-Loved,Fully.




2 responses

27 12 2009

This is a very nice blog. I discovered it through a link(Aunt Dee Dee’s blog) a week or so ago but didn’t have much time to really look through it until now!

How nice of you to do this.

27 12 2009

thanks for stopping in God Bless You and Happy New year

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