Mom and Dad:The Journey Home

8 08 2016

It began in January 2008,Mom was slipping away from us.She seemed at a loss,but when I came to her side,she smiled giving me encouragement that she was ok.The Lord spoke to my heart that it wouldn’t be long before the Lord took her.On the morning of the 28 of January 2008,Mom went to be with Jesus.Jesus was so good to take her as she slept,Just think going to sleep and waking up in the presence of the Lord!As we grieved mom’s passing,yet happy she was with Jesus!As we settled back to get our lives back on track,it wouldn’t be long.Exactly a month later,We lost Dad!This would be very tough to take and as we dealt with the loss of mom still fresh in our hearts.Dad was battling cancer,but  shortly the Lord would call him home as well.That day my heart was broken in two.Who would keep me together,nobody but Jesus.I felt Jesus was holding me crying with me and then He told me,They are both with Me and I’m with you.At that moment,my sorrow turned to Joy.”Morning had Come”Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalms30:5b Jesus Loves The Whosoever whatever the situation,Nothing absolutely nothing can separate us from His Love




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10 08 2016
Jesus Loves you Ever

The LORD our God the Most High shall be with you always and He shall with a those who trust in Him and love Him.Our LORD our God the Rock of our Salvation and Strength promised us His unfailing Love towards us shall never be shaken.Nouthing can separte us from Him who is the Almighty LORD God whine be glory forever and evermore.Amen.

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