Living In The Jesus Zone

16 08 2016

jesus-resurrection-01.jpgLiving in the Jesus zone is a personal place in your heart where Jesus abides.When Jesus comes knocking at your heart’s door and you open your heart for Jesus to live inside,a transformation takes place!A Love like you never felt before shines,your heart is so happy,it has hope,a peace that surpasses all understanding.Your future is eternal life,your soul jumps for joy,your heart has a wonderful big smile!All the shadows and scars,even in darkest deepest corners of your heart becomes exposed to the loving healing light that comes from Christ over takes all darkness,after all the Word of God talks about like light overtakes darkness and Jesus is the light!Jesus is the light of Life and when we receive it(Jesus),we truly come alive!So if you want to truly want    to Live,Jesus is at the door of your heart,Just accept Him and Live in the Jesus Zone and you will find all you’ll ever need!Jesus is the source of all we’ll ever need!




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15 10 2016
Ajay Babu

Amen Amen

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