Our Rock

26 09 2016

image“The Lord is my Rock”,David said in his heart.When Saul sought out to slay David,David was forced to flee alone,but was he alone?David went to Nob,where Ahimelech the priest asked him,”Why are thou alone,and no man with thee?”(1Sam.21:1).It is in such times of isolation,when no human can help us,that God is our Rock.He is our source of stability in the midst of turmoil.”The Lord is my fortress”.He is a permanent place of defense for us.He is eternal.”Before the mountains were brought forth,or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world,even from everlasting to everlasting,thou art God”(Psalms 90:2).He will always be there to protect us in times of trouble.”The Lord is my deliver”.”The Lord is my God,my strength,in whom I will trust.”The Lord is my buckler,and the horn of my salvation,and my Hightower.”A buckler is a shield that protects and defends when one is engaged in combat.God is our buckler.He protects us from onslaughts from the enemy.He is also the horn,or the source of our salvation and our Hightower,a place of safety in a world where the winds of adversity often blow.




One response

28 09 2016
Ajay Babu

Thanks you Beloved Brother.May our LORD our God our Strength and Refuge shall be with you and your Family all the days of the life on Earth and on Heavens.Blessed be the name of our LORD Jesus Christ forever and evermore.Amen

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