Dwelling In God’s Love

27 09 2016

There is a close spiritual relationship between the God of love and the person who loves.If we dwell in love,we have the love of God shed abroad in our hearts.We have the stamp of God upon our spirits.We have the Holy Spirit sanctifying and sealing us.God said that He is love__boundless,eternal,perfect love.God is the author,the commander,and the fountain of love.It is really the sum total of His law and gospel.God revealed something of His grandeur and glory when He made the Heavens for the ministering spirits that are before His throne.He revealed something of His power and wisdom when He made the world.But when God chose to show us that He is Love,He gave His eternal Son for our Salvation.Now,while we’re on this earth,we can never fully understand the vastness of divine love.Even after you’ve accepted Jesus Christ and experienced the miracle of the new birth,God will not love you anymore than He does when you’re lost,wicked and undone without Him.That,my friends,is love.Abiding Love from God,How Awesome,All the Love we will ever need like drinking the water that Jesus gives,You’ll never ever thirst again 😊




One response

28 09 2016
Ajay Babu

Amen.As said the LORD our God, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefor I have continued my faithfulness to you.Jeremiah 31:3.
Thanks Brother.you are Greatly Beloved by God and the LORD.Amen.His grace be with you always.

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