A Man Called Israel

29 09 2016

Jacob received a call from God  to return to Canaan.As he traveled home,before he met with his brother,Esau-Jacob spent the night on the bank of the Jabbok and there wrestled with an angel of the Lord until daybreak.The prophet Hosea tells us that Jacob “had power with God:Yea,he had power over the angel,and prevailed:he wept,and made supplication unto him”.As dawn approached,the angel said,”Let me go,for the day breaks.”Jacob replied,”I will not let thee go,except thou bless me”(Gen.32:26).So the angel said,”Thy name shall be called no more Jacob,but Israel.”Jacob means supplanter,or one that takes the place of another by way of force or deceit.Jacob used Esau’s hunger to obtain his birthright,and he used trickery to obtain the blessing from Issac.Jacob developed into a man who believed in the power of prayer.Many people prefer to use their own means to achieve a solution rather than to trust God to work in His way.We need to learn,as Jacob did,to trust God totally.Jacob’s name was changed to Israel,which means,”the prince that prevails with God.”He had power with God,as we can if we will be a people of prayer.David said,”In my day of trouble I will call upon thee for thou will answer me.”(Psalms 86:7).The change of Jacob’s name to Israel signified a change in man himself,a change that God recognized.He also recognizes the change in us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour:”old things are past away;behold,all things are become new”(2Cor 5:17)God has placed a mark of honor upon us,making us “a royal priesthood,a holy nation,a preculiar people”(1Pet.2:9).Just as Jacob received a new name,so shall we who leave this world as overcomers,”To him that overcomes,will I give to eat of hidden manna,and will give him a white stone,and in the stone a new name written,which no man knows saving he that receives it”(Rev.2:17)




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2 10 2016
Jesus Loves you Ever

Thank you Brother.May God our LORD the MOST HIGH be with you and bless you.Jesus Christ is our LORD now and forever and forever an forevermore.Amen.The LORD God is One.Amen

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