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I”m just a Christian who attends Hickory Hammock Baptist in Milton.I only desire is for Jesus to be lifted up and for everyone that comes here accepts Jesus as Their Savior and finds Life with Him in Heaven.I will share my heart and hope it will encourage others to experience God’s Love.Jesus came into my life when i was very young.Yes, i was raised in church.I grew up and went into the world and found i wasn’t accepted.I did many things to find love and acceptance.I found the “i love you if’s”.The conditional love is not love at all.I was expecting.After years of  being in spiritual delusion,Jesus  became real to me showing me His Grace and Unconditional Love.Jesus was with me when i was trying it my way.I turned my back and He was there with arms wide opened.Despite my path was wrong,He did not leave me.He waited on me to just turn around.In my heart i could hear Him say I love you no matter what.I asked Him to forgive me and to help me.Jesus died for me before i ever was and He knew me.Despite all the bad in me,when others would have gone away,He accepted me.He will do the same for you.No matter your past,He has already died for you and has a great plan for your life.Jesus will come into your life and be your personal friend and you will find He will be your best friend.You can talk to Jesus about anything.I’m a Whosoever that Jesus Loves and so are You.I’m so happy Jesus led me to a wonderful  church Hickory Hammock Baptist to grow where the Love of Jesus is real with real people who are just like me.I first met Bro Carl Gallups ,Pastor of HHBC,who was visiting my Dad who had cancer and now is with Jesus.I starting seeing something that day that Bro Carl is  down to earth who loves Jesus and very funny.I felt Accepted and comfortable around him very much that day.I knew why dad loved Hickory Hammock Baptist  because i could see Jesus doing a great work in his life.Dad also had Bro Greg Robards,Associate Pastor HHBC,who he loved to play guitars with and fellowship as well..I felt so happy dad had these men in his life.Later,Dad’s condition got worse and Hospice was called in.Dad went Joyce Goldenberg Impatient in Pensacola,Fl.Dad went to be with Jesus Feb.2008 and also  just one month before my real mother went to be with Jesus.Jesus was so good to me during this time giving me His peace that surpasses all understanding.Now i want to help others and to encourage them in Christ.Jesus Loves the Whosoever for Whatsoever you are.Jesus Loved us while we were yet sinners,yet He died for our transgressions…Now that’s Unconditional Love.Accept Jesus and Live and know true Love.


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15 11 2010
Marlene Crouch

Great website! God Bless.

Marlene Crouch

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