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Dr. Dawkins Quotes

Evolution-Dumb and Dumber(original)

The Secret Name Series

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2 responses

9 03 2011
Annette Griswold

Your explanation of the “Two Witnesses” of Revelation 11 is better than any I have ever heard. Never thought of the two being “Church and Jews.” Sounds reasonable though.

Would you please explain the “dead bodies,” and non-burial of them in verses 8 and 9?

10 03 2011

Annette,I forwarded your question to PPSimmons and here is his exact answer.”I believe that the “dead bodies” and “non burial” are also symbolic as to the total disdain that the AC will have for Chrisitians and Israel and he will lead the world into the same disdain. To the early Jewish and Christian world reading revelation – to leave a dead body unburied was a sign of extreme disrespect. So much of this passage and the ENTIRE book of Revelation is symbolic – I think these phrases are as well. Hope this helps.”

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