A Man Called Israel

29 09 2016

Jacob received a call from God  to return to Canaan.As he traveled home,before he met with his brother,Esau-Jacob spent the night on the bank of the Jabbok and there wrestled with an angel of the Lord until daybreak.The prophet Hosea tells us that Jacob “had power with God:Yea,he had power over the angel,and prevailed:he wept,and made supplication unto him”.As dawn approached,the angel said,”Let me go,for the day breaks.”Jacob replied,”I will not let thee go,except thou bless me”(Gen.32:26).So the angel said,”Thy name shall be called no more Jacob,but Israel.”Jacob means supplanter,or one that takes the place of another by way of force or deceit.Jacob used Esau’s hunger to obtain his birthright,and he used trickery to obtain the blessing from Issac.Jacob developed into a man who believed in the power of prayer.Many people prefer to use their own means to achieve a solution rather than to trust God to work in His way.We need to learn,as Jacob did,to trust God totally.Jacob’s name was changed to Israel,which means,”the prince that prevails with God.”He had power with God,as we can if we will be a people of prayer.David said,”In my day of trouble I will call upon thee for thou will answer me.”(Psalms 86:7).The change of Jacob’s name to Israel signified a change in man himself,a change that God recognized.He also recognizes the change in us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour:”old things are past away;behold,all things are become new”(2Cor 5:17)God has placed a mark of honor upon us,making us “a royal priesthood,a holy nation,a preculiar people”(1Pet.2:9).Just as Jacob received a new name,so shall we who leave this world as overcomers,”To him that overcomes,will I give to eat of hidden manna,and will give him a white stone,and in the stone a new name written,which no man knows saving he that receives it”(Rev.2:17)


Dwelling In God’s Love

27 09 2016

There is a close spiritual relationship between the God of love and the person who loves.If we dwell in love,we have the love of God shed abroad in our hearts.We have the stamp of God upon our spirits.We have the Holy Spirit sanctifying and sealing us.God said that He is love__boundless,eternal,perfect love.God is the author,the commander,and the fountain of love.It is really the sum total of His law and gospel.God revealed something of His grandeur and glory when He made the Heavens for the ministering spirits that are before His throne.He revealed something of His power and wisdom when He made the world.But when God chose to show us that He is Love,He gave His eternal Son for our Salvation.Now,while we’re on this earth,we can never fully understand the vastness of divine love.Even after you’ve accepted Jesus Christ and experienced the miracle of the new birth,God will not love you anymore than He does when you’re lost,wicked and undone without Him.That,my friends,is love.Abiding Love from God,How Awesome,All the Love we will ever need like drinking the water that Jesus gives,You’ll never ever thirst again 😊

Our Rock

26 09 2016

image“The Lord is my Rock”,David said in his heart.When Saul sought out to slay David,David was forced to flee alone,but was he alone?David went to Nob,where Ahimelech the priest asked him,”Why are thou alone,and no man with thee?”(1Sam.21:1).It is in such times of isolation,when no human can help us,that God is our Rock.He is our source of stability in the midst of turmoil.”The Lord is my fortress”.He is a permanent place of defense for us.He is eternal.”Before the mountains were brought forth,or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world,even from everlasting to everlasting,thou art God”(Psalms 90:2).He will always be there to protect us in times of trouble.”The Lord is my deliver”.”The Lord is my God,my strength,in whom I will trust.”The Lord is my buckler,and the horn of my salvation,and my Hightower.”A buckler is a shield that protects and defends when one is engaged in combat.God is our buckler.He protects us from onslaughts from the enemy.He is also the horn,or the source of our salvation and our Hightower,a place of safety in a world where the winds of adversity often blow.

He Will Perfect That Which Concerns Me

24 09 2016

imageThe Lord will perfect that which concerneth me:thy mercy,O Lord,endureth for ever:forsake not the works of thine own hands.(Psalms 138:8). We who serve the Lord should know that God is performing a good work in our lives,molding and shaping us into vessels He desires us to be.David said “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.”In another words,God will not take us partway and then leave us stranded.He will finish the work He has begun in us.”Be careful for nothing “(Phil.4:6).God knows all we need,and He orders all things for our welfare.Romans 8:28 is still true:”All things work together for good to them that love God,to them who are called according to his purpose.”If we will trust God to take care of us,we will be free from the anxiety that plagues the nonbeliever.David said”Thy mercy,O Lord,endureth for ever.”Even though we may do our best to serve the Lord Jesus faithfully,sometimes we make mistakes.But God doesn’t forsake us because of our weaknesses.Rather,He forgives and then imparts strength that we may not fall back,or even remain stationary,but continue to move forward in the Spirit.God is merciful,and helps us run the race that is set before us(Heb 12:1).David prayed,”Forsake not the works of thine own hands.”The strength that we receive from God through the Holy Spirit enables us to grow in holiness.We have this comforting truth:Those whom God loves,He loves to completion!

He Knows

27 08 2016

imageRest and take refuge in the Lord,for His ways are perfect.Before we ever came to be,He knew us.He is I AM!Maker of Heaven and Earth!Master of the Winds! Powers and Principalities obey His Word!Jesus redeemed us once and for all with words “It Is Finished” at The Cross! Whosoever is you and me,Let’s believe on Him and His finished work and we shall truly Live,Accept His Love and He will never Let go!On our own we shall fall,But with Jesus we shall overcome the world,the flesh,and the devil.Our faith in Christ is counted as Righteousness! Rest and find Refuge,Accept Jesus and Truly Live

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

23 08 2016

The enemy comes in like a flood to lure our eyes off Jesus and tempt us to question our faith.                              Stand strong in Jesus,take a stand against Satan.Pray and take authority in Jesus Name over the fiery darts he throws at you.Jesus has won the war already at Calvary and you being a Child of the King of Kings gives you access to Jesus and His Power to quench the enemy!Mighty is the Lord Jesus!He is our victory!

Living In The Jesus Zone

16 08 2016

jesus-resurrection-01.jpgLiving in the Jesus zone is a personal place in your heart where Jesus abides.When Jesus comes knocking at your heart’s door and you open your heart for Jesus to live inside,a transformation takes place!A Love like you never felt before shines,your heart is so happy,it has hope,a peace that surpasses all understanding.Your future is eternal life,your soul jumps for joy,your heart has a wonderful big smile!All the shadows and scars,even in darkest deepest corners of your heart becomes exposed to the loving healing light that comes from Christ over takes all darkness,after all the Word of God talks about like light overtakes darkness and Jesus is the light!Jesus is the light of Life and when we receive it(Jesus),we truly come alive!So if you want to truly want    to Live,Jesus is at the door of your heart,Just accept Him and Live in the Jesus Zone and you will find all you’ll ever need!Jesus is the source of all we’ll ever need!